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Secrets of the Mysterious Castle Volume Two: Return to the Castle: 2

"Disclaimer" Previously Published as 'Secrets of the Mysterious Castle Volume Two (Return to the Castle)' under the Author Name "Julie-Anne Gamble"Strange mysteries will be uncovered when the teenagers return to the castle. After the ceremony to return the spirits to the light was completed, the teenagers returned to their homes and planned on returning to the castle with Sarah, Bob, and her mother. They planned to begin restoration and continue exploring the large once stately residence, to see what other secrets it may hold.Sarah invited Cynthia to return to the castle also, after she went to collect Gerald from the hospital. She suggested they extend their stay before returning to their own country offering them a room at the castle which Cynthia gratefully accepted.The treasure they decided was to be split equally between them when they returned to begin restoration. Each of them agreed to give 10 percent of their share to a kitty to help with the renovations. It was decided, they would stay in the castle while the work was being done. This option suited them as no one wanted to travel back and forth daily through the forest.Many challenges face the new residents of the castle as they begin to restore it and uncover all the mysteries hidden within. What other secrets will this aging Castle hold? Now let the next part of the journey begin. How will this end? Read on to find out more.

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Türkçe J B SBoon İngilizce Lucy Bella Independently published İtalyanca CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Almanca Emily Grace Lightning Source UK Ltd Monogram Sketchbook Hinterland Independently Published; Illustrated basım Books On Demand Fransızca Blurb Lina Scatia İspanyolca J S SBoon
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Baskı Detayları
Yazar Julie MacDonald
İsbn 13 979-8690491642
Yayın Evi Independently published
Boyutlar ve boyutlar 12.7 x 1.37 x 20.32 cm
De olduğu gibi B08K4SYXYT
tarafından gönderildi Secrets of the Mysterious Castle Volume Two: Return to the Castle: 2 26 Eylül 2020

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