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Sherlock Holmes in America: 14 Original Stories

The world’s greatest sleuth makes his American debut in this groundbreaking collection of never-before-published mystery stories set in the US. The world’s greatest detective and his loyal sidekick Dr. Watson are on their first trip across the Atlantic―to nineteenth-century America! From the bustling neighborhoods of New York City and Boston to sinister locales like Salt Lake City and fog-shrouded cities like San Francisco, the beloved British sleuth faces the most cunning criminals America has to offer, while meeting some of her most famous figures along the way, such as Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Houdini. A groundbreaking anthology, Sherlock Holmes in America features original short stories by award-winning American writers, each in the extraordinary tradition of Conan Doyle, and each with a unique American twist that is sure to satisfy and exhilarate both Sherlock Holmes purists and those who wished Holmes could nab the nefarious closer to home. There is: “The Adventure of the Missing Three Quarters” by Jon L. Breen “The Adventure of the Coughing Dentist” by Loren D. Estleman “The Case of Colonial Warburton’s Madness” by Lyndsay Faye “The Minister’s Missing Daughter” by Victoria Thompson “The Adventure of the White City” by Bill Crider And more!  

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Independently published Leopold Classic Library İngilizce İtalyanca Gale, U.S. Supreme Court Records ICON Group International, Inc. Almanca J B Boon Emily Grace Fransızca J Saosa Türkçe Icon Group International Additional Contributors Book on Demand Ltd. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform İspanyolca J B SBoon
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Baskı Detayları
Yazar Martin H. Greenberg Jon L. Lellenberg Daniel Stashower
İsbn 10 151074441X
İsbn 13 978-1510744417
Yayın Evi Skyhorse Publishing
Dil İngilizce
Boyutlar ve boyutlar 15.24 x 3.05 x 22.86 cm
tarafından gönderildi Sherlock Holmes in America: 14 Original Stories 23 Mayıs 2019

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