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Black Rain: An utterly addictive crime thriller with breathtaking suspense (Detective Vijay Patel)

Gazing out into the glowing curtain of evening summer rain, his body floods with fear as a cold hand clamps over his mouth. He doesn't even have a chance to scream as he is pulled down into the dark. When actor Majid Rahman's body is found in a neighbourhood allotment in Leicester, Detective Vijay Patel is one of the first on the scene, but is unable to save the man. Although his mother's house backs onto the gardens, he resolves to let the local police do their work. But after a neighbour is kidnapped and the detective in charge doesn't want to know, Patel vows to find the killer. When Patel uncovers a leather bag stuffed with money and a gold necklace near to where Majid's body was found, he realises this case may be a lot bigger than he'd imagined. Just as he starts to get close to the truth, the witness he was hoping to speak to is shot in front of him, and Patel must flee for his life. Just when Patel is finally on the killer's trail, he finds a clue that shocks him to his very core: this case may be closer to home than he ever could have imagined. Could stopping this twisted killer from stealing more lives mean paying the ultimate price for Patel? A totally gripping crime thriller, packed with suspense and twists you'll never see coming. Fans of Ian Rankin, Abir Mukherjee and Val McDermid will be utterly addicted. What readers are saying about Anita Sivakumaran: 'Wow just incredible... The killer's identity just took my breath away... Breathtaking suspense and mystery that will blow you away... Outstanding. [smile][smile][smile][smile][smile]' Surjit's Book Blog[smile][smile][smile][smile][smile] 'Wow, wow, wow. I just couldn't put this one down. An absolute masterpiece. Gritty, fast paced, brilliant... Loved loved all the characters... One of the best crime books I have ever read. Just wonderful. Will be recommending this to everyone.' Bestselling author Renita D'Silva [smile][smile][smile][smile][smile] 'Absolutely gripping... So intense... The twists I encountered along the way were so unexpected... I could not stop to put this down at any point... Gave me tingles... I was so nervous about how this book was going to play out.' Twilight Reader [smile][smile][smile][smile][smile] 'Completely pulled in... I have devoured this book in one sitting.' Little Miss Book Lover 87 'Twisty... I didn't guess the denouement at all, even as the book was racing towards its conclusion.' The Quick and the Read 'Exciting... A super-gripping new thriller series... You'll be kept guessing as to the killer's identity throughout... Will have you totally hooked.' Cosmopolitan 'Gripping... Very well drawn characters... Recommended!' NetGalley Reviewer 'Fast-paced and riveting.' Beyond the Books 'Anita Sivakumaran is an exciting new name in crime fiction.' The Times

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J Saosa J B Boon CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform J B SBoon Emily Grace Almanca İspanyolca Icon Group International İtalyanca Gale, U.S. Supreme Court Records Fransızca Independently published ICON Group International, Inc. Book on Demand Ltd. Türkçe İngilizce Additional Contributors Leopold Classic Library
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Baskı Detayları
Yazar Anita Sivakumaran
İsbn 10 034970158X
İsbn 13 978-0349701585
Yayın Evi Dialogue Books
Dil İngilizce
Boyutlar ve boyutlar 12.6 x 2.2 x 19.6 cm
tarafından gönderildi Black Rain: An utterly addictive crime thriller with breathtaking suspense (Detective Vijay Patel) 14 Mart 2023

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