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Cinderella, P. I. and Other Fairy Tale Mystery Stories (Cinderella, P. I. Mysteries, Band 2)

CINDERELLA, P. I. AND OTHER FAIRY TALE MYSTERY STORIES Starting with the Writer's Digest award-winning short story “Cinderella, P. I.,” this collection includes a dozen fairy tale mystery stories all told by Cinderella, grown up and living happily ever after (mostly). In her adventures as an amateur detective, she encounters a mysterious hitchhiker, a GIANT, a hit man after her beloved hubby Prince C, and a BIG BAD WOLF, among others. She also searches for her fairy godmother’s missing magic wand—three times. (That pesky wand!) Altogether these twelve stories let you peek into the life and times of Cinderella, P. I., twenty years, three kids, and a few extra pounds after the ball. Praise for the Cinderella, P. I. Mystery Stories "charming series . . . a highly entertaining and delightful read . . . smart plotting and whimsical adventures" “a delightful little tale . . . a quick, funny read” "clever update of some fairy tale characters" "snappy dialogue and new twists on familiar fairy tale figures" “Cinderella isn’t just a pretty face. She is a good detective as well.”

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İtalyanca ICON Group International, Inc. Additional Contributors Fransızca Icon Group International J B Boon Almanca Book on Demand Ltd. İspanyolca Independently published J Saosa Emily Grace Leopold Classic Library CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform İngilizce Gale, U.S. Supreme Court Records J B SBoon Türkçe
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Baskı Detayları
Yazar Juliet Kincaid
İsbn 10 0989950433
İsbn 13 978-0989950435
Yayın Evi AzureSky Press
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tarafından gönderildi Cinderella, P. I. and Other Fairy Tale Mystery Stories (Cinderella, P. I. Mysteries, Band 2) 24 Kasım 2013

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