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What's That Sound, Spot?

What's that sound, Spot? And where is it coming from?Lift the flaps and press the noisy buttons as you read to help Spot on his search. Can you find some familiar friends from the world of Where's Spot? along the way? This is a special sound celebration of the much-loved classic to celebrate 40 years since the first publication of Where's Spot?. This brand new adventure is full of lift-the-flap surprises, with all the fun and humour that has made the original Where's Spot a much-loved classic. Featuring five sound buttons with the sounds of instruments and lots of flaps on every page, it's ideal for developing fine motor skills and encouraging curiosity and play.

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Independently published Coppenrath F İngilizce CAROUSEL CALENDARS Kolektif Fransızca Lehçe Book on Demand Ltd. Cornell University Library Türkçe HACHETTE BNF Collectif Almanca HACHETTE LIVRE-BNF Derform J Saosa İtalyanca CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Yazar Eric Hill
İsbn 10 0241447216
İsbn 13 978-0241447215
Yayın Evi Puffin
tarafından gönderildi What's That Sound, Spot? 15 Ekim 2020

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