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Wallace, J: Magical Nordic Tarot

Inspired by old Nordic myths and folklore, this beautiful deck offers a new and powerful insight into the meanings of each card. Filled with symbolic imagery, it takes the reader on an empowering journey filled with magical possibilities.From images of symbolic animals (like wolves and bears), to depictions of the Northern Lights and Nordic Tree of Life, The Magical Nordic Tarot&3;is&3;filled with powerful imagery. There are references to the Nordic Gods and Goddesses, including Odin and Freya, and images of key Nordic symbols, such as the Nordic compass and Rune stones. References to some of the key characters in Nordic myths include a mischievous squirrel called Ratatoskr, who would run up and down the Tree of Life stirring up trouble between the eagle on top and the serpent at the bottom. The deck also includes a book giving detailed information about each card, along with key words, an inspirational message, and interesting Nordic legends (many believe the Northern Lights were the souls of lost soldiers).

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Almanca Leopold Classic Library J B SBoon Icon Group International Independently published CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Fransızca Türkçe Book on Demand Ltd. Additional Contributors J B Boon Gale, U.S. Supreme Court Records İtalyanca İspanyolca İngilizce ICON Group International, Inc. J Saosa Emily Grace
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Baskı Detayları
Yazar Jayne Wallace
İsbn 10 1782498869
İsbn 13 978-1782498865
Yayın Evi CICO Books; 01. baskı
Dil İngilizce
Boyutlar ve boyutlar 13,5 x 16 cm
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