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Venom: Lethal Protector Prose Novel (Marvel Original Prose Novels)

The first of Titan’s new series of original Marvel novels, starring Spider-Man’s arch foe Venom in his anti-hero role as the Lethal Protector. WHEN EDDIE BROCK BECOMES BIOLOGICALLY LINKED TO A BIZARRE ALIEN SYMBIOTE, THE TWO SHARE A COMMON GOAL. At first they seek to squash their arch-foe Spider-Man. After repeated attempts, Venom reaches an uneasy truce with the web-spinner. Brock leaves New York and heads west to San Francisco, the city of his birth, eager to put trouble behind him. Trouble has different ideas. Brock commits himself to becoming a defender of the innocent, but he’s a six-foot-three-inch, 260 lb. figure with bulging muscles and fangs like a shark. Venom quickly draws attention—first from a furious Spider-Man, who’s certain Brock has broken his word, then from a team of armored enemies who set out to kill the “Lethal Protector.” Venom joins forces with the web-spinner, only to face an even deadlier threat—five trained killers, each wearing a symbiotic suit like Brock’s. These are the Spawn of Venom, and they’re out for blood.

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Edgar Rice Burroughs Blurb CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Fransızca İspanyolca Independently published Almanca J.R.R. Tolkien Independently Published; Illustrated basım İtalyanca H. G. Wells Orbit Outlook Verlag J. K. Rowling İngilizce George R.R. Martin Türkçe L.Frank Baum
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Yazar Venom: Lethal Protector Prose Novel (Marvel Original Prose Novels) James R. Tuck

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