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The Next Time You See Me

Thirteen-year-old Emily Houchens doesn't have many friends. She spends her time alone in the woods near her house - her safe place, until she finds the body of a young woman. Susanna Mitchell is searching for her sister, Ronnie, who vanished after leaving a late-night bar. The more she discovers about Ronnie's life, the more she realises that her sister began to disappear long before she went missing. The Next Time You See Me explores the fault-lines of a small community - their hidden desires and their other, secret selves.

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Salzwasser-Verlag GmbH HACHETTE LIVRE-BNF Jack London Leopold Classic Library H. G. Wells Fransızca F Scott Fitzgerald Independently Published; Illustrated basım Outlook Verlag Independently published G.A. Henty İspanyolca Kolektif İngilizce Almanca İtalyanca B. M. Bower Türkçe
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Yazar The Next Time You See Me Holly Goddard Jones

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