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The Name of the Rose

Read the enthralling medieval murder mystery behind the BBC TV Series The year is 1327. Franciscans in a wealthy Italian abbey are suspected of heresy, and Brother William of Baskerville arrives to investigate. When his delicate mission is suddenly overshadowed by seven bizarre deaths, Brother William turns detective. William collects evidence, deciphers secret symbols and coded manuscripts, and digs into the eerie labyrinth of the abbey where extraordinary things are happening under the cover of night. A spectacular popular and critical success, The Name of the Rose is not only a narrative of a murder investigation but an astonishing chronicle of the Middle Ages.‘Whether you’re into Sherlock Holmes, Montaillou, Borges, the nouvelle critique, the Rule of St. Benedict, metaphysics, library design, or The Thing from the Crypt, you’ll love it’ Sunday Times

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Türkçe Agatha Christie İtalyanca Umberto Eco Independently published Lightning Source UK Ltd İngilizce John Buchan Maurice Leblanc Doğan Kitap; 1. baskı J. S. Fletcher İspanyolca G K Chesterton Almanca Books On Demand Fransızca Blurb Independently Published; Illustrated basım
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Yazar The Name of the Rose Umberto Eco

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