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The Iron Labyrinth

Ripped from his quiet life as a literary editor in London in 1947, Brian Renwick wakes up in a mysterious subterranean labyrinth made of iron. There, he finds himself forced into servitude by his captor, a powerful and enigmatic man who calls himself Uncle. Along with 111 other abductees, Brian now faces an unending regimen of grueling labor, physical training, and intense psychological audiences with his new self-proclaimed king. At first the desolation and brutality of the Iron Kingdom drive Brian to seek his freedom at any cost. He is used to solving problems, after all, and there?s no reason this situation can?t be analyzed and solved, just like the plots and predicaments of a novel. If there?s a way in, there must be a way out. But, slowly, he discovers the only way to escape is to go deeper.

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J.R.R. Tolkien İngilizce J. K. Rowling İspanyolca H. G. Wells İtalyanca Edgar Rice Burroughs Blurb Almanca Outlook Verlag Independently Published; Illustrated basım iUniverse Türkçe George R.R. Martin Orbit Independently published L.Frank Baum Fransızca
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Yazar Merrilee Beckman
İsbn 10 1532089007
İsbn 13 978-1532089008
Yayın Evi iUniverse
tarafından gönderildi The Iron Labyrinth 11 Eylül 2020

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