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The Deliverance of Kyle Kindall (Kindall K): 3

After much struggling and suffering, Amelia’s group are finally being received. The fight for Kyle’s acquittal continues. The promise of freedom is tantalising… There is still a high risk involved with every step forward they take, however. New evidence surfaces to support and explain the recent events, but Yuuki and Kyle are nonetheless troubled by the uncertainty of the future that lies ahead. In the midst of it all, Kyle deals with a revelation of his own. It ought to bring joy, but the trails of grief left in its wake only bring a shattering sense of betrayal. Meanwhile, with numbers dwindling and time running out, it’s not long before the last remaining members of a certain group of individuals each start going about things in their own way…

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Independently published Independently Published; Illustrated basım Kolektif W.H.G. Kingston Türkçe Fransızca F Scott Fitzgerald B. M. Bower H. G. Wells İtalyanca Outlook Verlag G.A. Henty İngilizce Almanca Leopold Classic Library Salzwasser-Verlag GmbH HACHETTE LIVRE-BNF İspanyolca
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Baskı Detayları
Yazar Renee Nielsen
İsbn 10 0473527995
İsbn 13 978-0473527990
Yayın Evi Callaei Books
tarafından gönderildi The Deliverance of Kyle Kindall (Kindall K): 3 15 Temmuz 2020

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