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The Borough Treasurer

„The Borough Treasurer” by J.S. Fletcher is a tale of blackmail, murder and a secret quarry. He has quite a large cast of interesting characters in this one, and manages to bring them all to life with great detail. This novel tales place in an obscure small town by the Yorkshire moors – an ideal spot for two ex-cons to start life over. Messrs. Mallalieu and Cotherstone were outsiders who had built a prosperous business in Highmarket and even been elected as Mayor and Treasurer of the borough. But when an ex-detective moves to town, 30 years of respectability is suddenly threatened by revelations from the past. How far will two upstanding citizens go to keep their past a secret?

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J B SBoon Fransızca Lina Scatia J S SBoon Emily Grace Monogram Sketchbook Hinterland İtalyanca Independently Published; Illustrated basım Türkçe Lightning Source UK Ltd Lucy Bella Independently published İspanyolca Books On Demand Doğan Kitap; 1. baskı Blurb İngilizce Almanca
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Yazar Joseph Smith Fletcher
İsbn 13 979-8692266767
Yayın Evi Independently published
De olduğu gibi B08KFYXKVX
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