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Son of a Killer

Author K.D. Lewis recounts the evolution of the serial killer father he became reunited with later in life. Armed with newly discovered information about his father's past debased life, Lewis seeks to explore and understand his own struggles with mental illness that likely plagued both his parents and may have ultimately destroyed him. Son of a Killer has it all- love, loss and liberation of every kind, including the final confrontation of a killer who may have set his son free in unimaginable ways. While the complete mystery of his life remains unsolved, the father's story is imparted through "Son of a Killer."

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İspanyolca Almanca Türkçe Fransızca Collectif HACHETTE LIVRE-BNF Kolektif Insight Editions Emily Grace J B SBoon Taschen GmbH Routledge edition cumulus İtalyanca Independently published edition cumulus İngilizce Leopold Classic Library
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Yazar K. D. Lewis
İsbn 10 0578771691
İsbn 13 978-0578771694
Yayın Evi Landmark publishing
tarafından gönderildi Son of a Killer 3 Ekim 2020

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