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Scouting For Boys - Original 1908 Edition

This description is for the historically-correct 1908 Edition with the light blue cover. In May 1908, Baden-Powell released all six of his fortnightly pamphlets under the one cover as this book, Scouting For Boys. Now, for the first time, you can purchase and read the book which catapulted the Scouting movement into the hearts and minds of the public worldwide! In this new edition, there's no modern long-winded, overly-critical, politically-correct 40 page introduction by a non-Scout with a barely-concealed disdain for our beloved BP and his astounding and unequaled legacy of service to the youth of the world. On this, the 110th Anniversary of the establishment of the Scout Association, the anonymous publishers of this edition, who we might add are old Scouts themselves, have painstakingly reproduced directly from a very rare original, the 1908 first edition of Scouting For Boys so it may be presented, read and understood exactly as the Founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gillwell, intended. With all original illustrations, this new paperback replica edition brings this exceptionally rare book to a 21st Century audience.    Be sure to keep an eye out for our new editions of Baden-Powell's military and scouting books, which inlcude: Reconnaissance and Scouting (1884) - red leather cover Cavalry Instruction (1885) - red canvas cover Aids to Scouting - For N.-C.Os. & Men (1899) - red cover Scouting for Boys Part I (1908) - buff cover Scouting for Boys Part II (1908) - buff cover Scouting for Boys Part III (1908) - buff cover Scouting for Boys Part IV (1908) - buff cover Scouting for Boys Part V (1908) - buff cover Scouting for Boys Part VI (1908) - buff cover Scouting for Boys - All Parts (1908) - light blue cover Boy Scouts of America Official Handbook - Original Edition (1910) - khaki cover Aids to Scoutmastership (1919) - khaki cover

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Yazar Scouting For Boys - Original 1908 Edition Lieut.-General R.S.S. Baden-Powell

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