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Poetry from an Uneducated Black Mind

Poetry From An “Uneducated” Black Mind challenges the stigma of how the majority of the world will see young black men as uneducated (hence the name), hoodlums, and write them off as talentless or having no future. This is false... and this book aims to change all that with poems straight from a victim of the stigma. There are no restrictions on who can read this book, although I ask that you fasten your seatbelts as you enter the mind of an “uneducated” black man.

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İtalyanca Independently Published; Illustrated basım Türkçe H. G. Wells W.H.G. Kingston Almanca Independently published Fransızca F Scott Fitzgerald Kolektif İngilizce Leopold Classic Library Outlook Verlag HACHETTE LIVRE-BNF Salzwasser-Verlag GmbH G.A. Henty İspanyolca B. M. Bower
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Yazar Khaalil Sutton
İsbn 10 0578737507
İsbn 13 978-0578737508
Yayın Evi KC Publishing
tarafından gönderildi Poetry from an Uneducated Black Mind 6 Ağustos 2020

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