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Our Game

Le Carré's post-Cold War masterpiece, filled with suspense, betrayal, desire and dramaThe Cold War is over and retired secret servant Tim Cranmer has been put out to pasture, spending his days making wine on his Somerset estate. But then he discovers that his former double agent Larry ­- dreamer, dissolute, philanderer and disloyal friend - has vanished, along with Tim's mistress. As their trail takes him to the lawless wilds of Russia and the North Caucasus, he is forced to question everything he stood for.Set in a fragmented, uncertain post-Soviet world, le Carré's brutal story of falsehoods and betrayal shows men playing dangerous games beyond their control.

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J. S. Fletcher G K Chesterton İngilizce Almanca Agatha Christie CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Türkçe John Buchan Lightning Source UK Ltd Blurb İtalyanca Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Independently Published; Illustrated basım İspanyolca Books On Demand Brian L Porter Fransızca Independently published
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