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Moonshine: Fairy Stories

Originally Published 1871 Features 8 Ink Illustrations Newly Edited with new typesetting for ease of reading. 12 Short fantasy tales by author Lord Edward Hugessen Brabourne Baron about Fairies, Elves, Ogres, Dwarfs and Wizards From the Dedication of the book: Let us love the little Elves still, my children, and keep our childish fondness for them as long as we may. You will find in this book one or two old friends brought out in new garments. Why not? Mutton is mutton all the world over; but if out of the ancient roast mutton of the “Three Wishes” and the “Fairy Godmother” I have made “a haricot” and an “Irish stew” and called them “Potter’s Gift” and “Mulligatawny,” I don’t see that anybody has a right to complain. And in spite of the dull and learned people who object, I have given you an Ogre, a Dwarf, a Witch, a Wizard, quantities of Elves and Fairies, and several animals, who speak like mortal men and women. So I hope you will like the book, and think kindly of the Author, who loves you all well, and does his best to put pleasant, happy thoughts into your hearts as you read his stories. Contains some archaic punctuation and regional dialects or accented English. Charlie among the Elves Fitzy’s Story The Nose Mulligatawny The Provender Bees The Fern Fairy The Boy and the Birds Robin-a-Bobbin-a-Bilberry-Ben Christmas Morning The Wizard of Bockhanger “Potter’s Gift” Valentine’s Day Edited and Published by The Ages PublishingThis edition is only available in paperback

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Best Activity Books for Kids J S SBoon İspanyolca Lightning Source UK Ltd Independently published İtalyanca Almanca İngilizce Lina Scatia Scholastic Monogram Journal Hinterland J B SBoon Türkçe Fransızca CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Editorial Vicens Vives; 1. baskı Kolektif Emily Grace
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Baskı Detayları
Yazar Lord Edward Hugessen Brabourne Baron
İsbn 13 979-8583151813
Yayın Evi Independently published
De olduğu gibi B08QX521NJ
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