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Look!: Babies Head to Toe

An adorable book introducing the youngest readers to the names of their body parts, from head to toe! Look! Babies Head to Toe is an exuberant introduction to the parts of the body and the senses. Filled with fun, repetitive sounds and a melodic voice, this book will captivate babies and toddlers. It's the perfect follow-up to Harris's first board book, Who?: A Celebration of Babies.

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İngilizce Additional Contributors Independently published Türkçe ICON Group International, Inc. Fransızca CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform J B SBoon Gale, U.S. Supreme Court Records Book on Demand Ltd. Almanca Icon Group International J Saosa Katalanca Emily Grace Leopold Classic Library İspanyolca Monogram Journal Hinterland
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Baskı Detayları
Yazar Robie H. Harris
İsbn 10 141973203X
İsbn 13 978-1419732034
Yayın Evi Abrams Appleseed
Dil İngilizce
Boyutlar ve boyutlar 18 x 1,4 x 17,9 cm
tarafından gönderildi Look!: Babies Head to Toe 25 Haziran 2019

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