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King's Gambit

What is TIME? What is REALITY?In King’s Gambit, Charles Sinclair ponders these questions and more as he slowly finds his way through the inner clockwork of an ancient Time Maze. It’s a perilous journey, planned by the Fallen Realm, but allowed by God Almighty to prepare the duke for his ultimate future. God’s ways are not our ways. He takes all our choices, all our mistakes, then weaves in the dark plots of fallen angels, demons, and devils, and he works all of it together for good, according to HIS plans and purposes. Because God is omniscient, seeing the end from the beginning, this great and mighty Lord of Armies faithfully prepares his angels and his human children, for every battle and every war. And so it begins...

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İtalyanca Almanca Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Blurb Clive Cussler Independently published Books On Demand Türkçe Doğan Kitap; 1. baskı Agatha Christie J. S. Fletcher Lightning Source UK Ltd İspanyolca Independently Published; Illustrated basım G K Chesterton İngilizce Fransızca John Buchan
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Baskı Detayları
Yazar Sharon K. Gilbert
İsbn 10 0998096792
İsbn 13 978-0998096797
Yayın Evi Rose Avenue Fiction
tarafından gönderildi King's Gambit 20 Aralık 2020

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