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Kenyan Kronikals

When we moved to Nairobi exactly nine years ago, I began documenting my life in Kenya, writing about anything and everything that struck a chord in me, while also bringing my wonderful childhood memories from India to life. This book, no doubt, chronicles my life, but it is equally a reflection of the times we live in.About the Author: An archaeologist by qualification, an educational entrepreneur by profession, a linguist by inclination, a writer by vocation! I am the mother of a and a young adult. Currently based in Nairobi, Kenya, due to my husband’s job, I manage my Academy in my home town Pune, India from across the ocean and continue teaching my students on line on Skype. My canine kid, Maple, keeps me company as I write in my favourite genre, creative non fiction.

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Casares Fine Art Edition Casares Fine Art Edition Independently published Heinz-Werner Schawe m + m Verlag The Gifted Stationery Co. Ltd J S SBoon Leopold Classic Library m + m Verlag Book on Demand Ltd. Fransızca Till Wiek Felemenkçe Almanca İngilizce CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform İtalyanca Türkçe
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Yazar Anupama Ukidve Sharma
İsbn 10 1636400531
İsbn 13 978-1636400532
Yayın Evi White Falcon Publishing
tarafından gönderildi Kenyan Kronikals 11 Kasım 2020

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