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I am the Key

'I' Am the Key is a one-of a kind, holistic book on manifestation written from a Hindu perspective. It is an easy, comprehensive, step-by-step guidebook into the concept and practice of the art of manifestation. The book is specially designed for the Indian reader, without essentially losing its universal appeal. 'I' Am the Key might shake up some of your previous beliefs and compel you to approach life from a new angle. If you are yet to be introduced to the concept of manifestation, this book might completely transform your way of living.Combining ideas with their practical applications and implications, drawing liberally from various Hindu and other religious textual sources and comparing them with the current new age 'law of attraction' ideas and methods, 'I' Am the Key can be your best bedside friend to consult frequently in your journey towards manifestation.Mousumi Roy is an assistant professor in Comparative Religion at Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, India. She is interested in the study of Religions of the world. She is also personally interested in Spirituality, Meditation and the Art of Manifestation.

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Yazar Mousumi Roy
İsbn 10 9390417163
İsbn 13 978-9390417162
Yayın Evi 24by7 Publishing
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