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Essays on Art Education in India And Others

In the writings based on factual incidents, space and time are the relevant factors when describing it in the view of making it into a historical action. Also the background of the writer, the writer’s wisdom on the particular issue describing and the writer’s ability on narration of incidents accurately bound to space and time, his psychological attitude towards the happenings in his surroundings most of the time without his own involvement are certain elements of relevance here. Even though the historical happenings are of unique characteristics, and its nature of existence with similar altitude unchangingly forever, the sincere studious activities towards its objectiveness can establish the real time facts even to the future generations ever after centuries. When we engage in deep studies with curiosity and a special inborn interest towards art, the studious beings get a clear idea of the differences between factual incidences and documented evidences of incidents. These kinds of arrivals at falsely fabricated ideas on the historical scenarios, follows loss of believability on documentations and established versions of incidents. The process of historical development has attracted me because it is propagated to maintain time, space objectivity bound relations towards various objectivities. These are some of the factors that directed and confirmed my arrival at these kinds of creative destinations.

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