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D.S.I. - Search (D.S.I. Trilogy, Band 2): Volume 2

PART TWO OF THE D.S.I. TRILOGY Ever since he was transferred to the D.S.I. headquarters in Los Angeles, Phineas has been working under the shadow of the CEO's son, Dodge. Now that Dodge has made a huge mistake that has put the company in jeopardy, it's up to Phineas to put everything right. The task is simple: find and arrest an 18 year old girl named Jaye Crest. The problem is, Jaye has been training for this day since she could walk. She has managed to slip in and out of D.S.I. without being detected, possibly carrying confidential information with her. Phineas sets out to bring her to justice, determined not to let anything stand in his way. Instead, he finds himself confronted with complications that he never could have imagined, and he is forced to decide where his loyalties really lie.

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Agatha Christie G K Chesterton Doğan Kitap; 1. baskı İspanyolca Lightning Source UK Ltd Independently Published; Illustrated basım Fransızca Clive Cussler Almanca Independently published Türkçe J. S. Fletcher İngilizce Books On Demand Blurb John Buchan Sir Arthur Conan Doyle İtalyanca
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Yazar D.S.I. - Search (D.S.I. Trilogy, Band 2): Volume 2 Victoria Robins

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