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British Warrior (1, Band 1)

For the first time ever in one volume, the award winning true stories, From Bullied to Black Belt and An Everyday Warrior along with short tales, observations, and experiences of overcoming complete adversity to triumph. Simon Morrell has led a life filled with fear, abuse and control before taking his own charge and becoming one of the UK’s leading Fight Coaches and author. Suffering from alcohol abuse, panic attacks, agoraphobia and violent assaults, Simon surprised everyone with a story that The Film Agency for Wales calls ‘the U.K.’s Rocky Balboa!’ The NY Post, ‘Morrell is the UK’s answer to America’s haunting bullying problem’. Alfie Lewis, ‘Simon is Samurai’.

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J B SBoon CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Kolektif İngilizce İtalyanca N.D. Author Services J S SBoon Independently published Positive Party Publishing Lippincott Williams & Wilkins İspanyolca Todays Baby Elsevier Health Books Türkçe Lightning Source UK Ltd Blurb Almanca Fransızca
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Baskı Detayları
Yazar Simon Paul Morrell
İsbn 10 0956560385
İsbn 13 978-0956560384
Yayın Evi Blue Porch Publishing
tarafından gönderildi British Warrior (1, Band 1) 22 Temmuz 2020

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