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Better Marks In Less Time With More Fun: 1

The only book you will ever need to help you to better your marks in less time with a whole lot more fun! “The course is absolutely fantastic. There was an awesome response from the students. One of my students was getting between 30 - 40% on a subject and after doing the course she received 83% on her exam.” Kirsten Bosworth, Varsity College, Randburg Campus THAT’S A 43% INCREASE IN MARKS! Better Marks Not only will you remember more of what you learn, but you will also be unable to forget it. You will be able to get through 3 times the amount of reading. You will learn the secrets of answering every type of question well. Less Time Learn to summarize and remember in class and lectures. Do the summary once and cover it once before the exam. More Fun Add YOU to your material Off the wall is not only allowed but encouraged See the world in bright, crazy colours!!!! Yes, Learning Can Be Fun!

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Yazar Better Marks In Less Time With More Fun: 1 Dave Blakemore

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