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Against Such Things: A Memoir of Trauma, Addiction, & Survival

If you are born into ineffable darkness, could you even comprehend the light? Take one-part volatile home life, two-parts haphazard nomadic experience, zero-parts social connection, and shake well. Our protagonist's only constant is unpredictability: that, and the charismatic, fundamentalist hammerings from the pulpit. But when a sheltered child goes nuclear? Just pray you are FAR from the exclusion zone. Can a toxic cocktail of compounded trauma, spiritual warfare, and an unfettered nosedive into addiction be overcome? Join Rachel on her passage through the underworld as she searches for the means to reassemble her splintered psyche while wrestling "Against Such Things."

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N.D. Author Services İtalyanca Elsevier Health Books CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Kolektif Independently published İspanyolca Türkçe Blurb Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Fransızca J S SBoon Todays Baby Almanca J B SBoon İngilizce Positive Party Publishing Lightning Source UK Ltd
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Baskı Detayları
Yazar Rachel K. Baldwin
İsbn 10 0578774402
İsbn 13 978-0578774404
Yayın Evi Adolescent Bird Publishing House
tarafından gönderildi Against Such Things: A Memoir of Trauma, Addiction, & Survival 24 Ekim 2020

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